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Food storage for the 21st century

If you are one of the many Americans that store food for the unexpected that you should know about the revolutionary food storage for the 21st century. Freeze dried foods are all the rave and for good reason. Actually for six good reasons.
1. Real Food
2. Easy to Store, Easy to Make
3. Light-weight Foods
4. Wonít Break the Bank
5. Tastes Good, too!
6. Longest Shelf-life
Real Food for Real People
The freeze dry method allows food to retain all of its nutrients and values. It looks more like it does before the process than any other method. For instance, if you were going to can apples you would have to cook them first, removing nutrients, can them in some fort of liquid which usually contains lots of sugar, and, although, they may taste good, they will not taste close to what they would have if you had eaten them fresh. When you freeze dry apples they retain their look and their taste.
Easy to store, easy to make
Freeze dried foods are easy to use. Often times it is a matter of opening up the can or pouch and digging in, or rehydrating with water. You can have a meal in minutes! This is great for everyday, but perfect for its purpose as an emergency food. In an emergency or disaster you may not have tons of time or resources,making freeze dried foods optimal.
Light-weight foods
The majority of weight in food come from hydration, or water. By taking out the water, you are left with a nutritious, yet lightweight product. This is ideal for storage as well for portable survival kits and for use while hiking or camping.
Wonít break the bank
Looking at the cost you might not think you are saving more, but in the long run you are. Freeze dried food yield more nutritious wholesome foods that will fill you up faster so you need less of it. Also they last so long, some up to 25 years, that you donít have to worry about it going bad before you use it. In the long run this will save you time, hassle and money.
Tastes good, too!
In national taste tests, freeze dried food was chosen over other storing methods as tasting fresh and natural. If unforeseen events were to happen freeze dried food would give you the food that tasted more like foods you eat every day.
Longest Shelf-life
With up to 25 years of storage life freeze dried foods are surely the way to go when it comes to emergency food storage. You canít beat it.
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Order Toll Free: 1.800.866.4876
International Orders: 435.654.0099
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Nitro-Pak Preparedness Center, Inc.
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Heber City, UT 84032


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